Educadium Add-Ons and Optional Services

Important Note: the add-ons listed on this page relate to the legacy version of Educadium's LMS, which will be discontinued in 2019. These features and many exciting new options exist in the new platform, launching in 2019.

If you currently have a legacy version Educadium site, we will be contacting you about upgrade options soon. If you're looking for an LMS solution that includes one of more of the features listed on this page, please take a look at our new platform's product details on the products page!

Each Add-On has been tested to integrate seamlessly with your existing Educadium site. All work comes with a 60-day limited warranty and help materials.

You can pay online by credit card or with PayPal. An Educadium representative will contact you to confirm your order. Most Add-Ons are installed within five business days. Contact our support team via e-mail for installation and customization questions.

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Who needs this: Newcomers to e-learning and organizations with limited IT or instructional design support

Every EasyCampus includes free and unlimited online support--for administrators, teachers, and learners. Help tickets are answered in about one business day. There are also free step guides and access to an extensive Knowledge Base in the EasyCampus Support area of our website.

Some individuals and organizations need more assistance, especially if they are new to online learning and technology. Enhanced Customer Support is an affordable, six-month renewable subscription for EasyCampus "concierge" services.

You will be assigned a personal EasyCampus support representative who can address and fix specific help issues by phone during normal business hours (8am-8pm PT). Your campus online help tickets will receive priority treatment.

Price includes a six-month subscription for up to 720 minutes (12 hours) of phone and webinar support.


Who needs this: Organizations that have specific business requirements for software engineering, custom applications, or course production.

You have a vision, but you need a skilled team and don't want to incur all of the overhead.

Educadium's Professional Services group includes experienced software engineers and learning consultants who are available for custom work. We can design courses, enable real-time data integration, or build an entire distance education program--on budget and on a tight deadline. Longer term engagements are also available. Past projects have included single-sign for registration, website integration and theming, custom training, and learning activity modifications.

Professional Services are available to paid EasyCampus subscribers at an hourly rate, with a minimum charge of one hour. Every consulting project receives a written proposal and is assigned to an Educadium Professional Services manager for personalized support.

Price includes one unit of 60 minutes (1 hour) of development time, and you can purchase as many hours as required for your needs. Additional charges may apply for on-site training and consulting. For phone-based customer support and light troubleshooting only, compare and select the Enhanced Customer Support subscription, also included in the Premium package.


Who needs this: Organizations with large storage or multimedia requirements

Every EasyCampus comes equipped with a large amount of storage space to upload documents and multimedia files. Each subscription package offers different storage limits, which are measured on a monthly basis. For subscribers, the amount of storage currently in use can be found under the My Account link for EasyCampus administrators.

Some individuals and organizations need more storage for their course activities. Enhanced Storage can be purchased and applied to any existing EasyCampus subscription (except Express), allowing the campus owner the convenience of purchasing more storage without changing the underlying pricing package.

Enhanced Storage is sold in increments of 100GB/month for a one year renewable term. It's added to any existing storage included with a subscription or other storage package in place. You may purchase multiple Enhanced Storage subscriptions to reach the level of storage required for your learning activities. If you upgrade your subscription (e.g., from Preferred to Premium), you will carry forward the Enhanced Storage Add-On.


Who needs this: Organizations who want to charge tuition for courses and manage their own payments

Do you have a PayPal account? The EasyCampus Custom Tuition Payment Add-On lets you charge tuition for your courses and receive payments instantly from students via credit cards or PayPal. A PayPal merchant account is recommended but not required. During set up, you will need to provide the email address that is linked to your PayPal account, which must be in good standing.

Price includes installation and testing. The Add-On works for all courses on your EasyCampus. This is an annual subscription add-on, priced at $199.00 per year.


Who needs this: Organizations that need an exportable reporting tool with customized records of course users

Today's accreditors and government regulators demand extensive record-keeping. Create and track user records based on your own custom criteria--registration data, course enrollment dates, quiz scores, online tuition collected, and more. Reports can be downloaded from your site administration panel to your desktop as .CSV files for further sorting and data manipulation. Real-time data integration to third-party information systems is available upon request.

Price includes installation and custom report development (up to 4 hours of Professional Services time). Training session and help files provided.

Included with: Preferred and Premium subscription packages


Who needs this: Organizations that want to sell a group of paid courses to the public for one price

Many EasyCampus owners want to market their courses and charge tuition. With related courses, some schools and trainers find it easier to sell their courses as a package offering--often at a discount.

With Course Bundling, you can bundle a group of courses together so that enrollment in one course will automatically provide enrollment in all the courses in the bundle.

With the Add-On installed, administrators decide on the name of the course bundle and the individual courses that make up the bundle. At a later time, you can add additional courses to the bundle. Course Bundling is designed to integrate with the CampusPay e-commerce platform, which allows for online payments by credit card or PayPal.

Price includes installation and custom configuration for one course bundle (up to 4 hours of Professional Services time). Training and help files provided.

Included with: Preferred and Premium subscription packages


Who needs this: Organizations that want more control over the presentation and sequencing of course learning materials

Often, it's important in self-paced courses (where there is no online teacher) to force learners to move forward in a sequential manner. Administrators and instructional designers may require that assessments and tests be taken only after other learning activities have been completed.

The Conditional Activities Add-On installs an optional lock, which can be used for all learning activities placed within an EasyCampus page. This enables more precise, sequential learning (e.g., a video viewed before a quiz and certificate).

Price includes installation and custom configuration for one course (up to 4 hours of Professional Services time). Training session and help files provided.

Included free with: Preferred and Premium subscription packages


Who needs this: EasyCampus owners who need a custom name for improved branding and identity

EasyCampus owners receive a free campus name upon sign up. For enhanced branding and marketing, there are three customized options if you want to change the standard URL.

  1. New campus URL (e.g., from http://campus.educadium.com/yourname to http://campus.educadium.com/newURL)
  2. New custom domain (e.g., from http://campus.educadium.com/yourname to http://www.yourdomain.com)
  3. New sub-domain (e.g., from http://campus.educadium.com/yourname to http://subdomain.yourdomain.com).

For the new domain or sub-domain options, you must own the underlying domain name and have access to the configuration settings at your current hosting company. Educadium does not purchase domains on behalf of subscribers.

Price includes URL set up and maintenance for the life of your EasyCampus. The URL option will be confirmed after payment by an Educadium representative.

Included with: Premium subscription package


Who needs this: Organizations that require a record of the estimated time that learners spend within a course

Educators and trainers often need to track online “seat time” for compliance or regulatory purposes. Organizations may require that a certain number of hours or minutes be spent online in order to earn a certificate of course completion.

The Time Tracking Add-On lets administrators add a block to any EasyCampus course in order to track session time. You can set start and end dates to calculate cumulative activity and track intervals. The record of all registered user session times can be downloaded to Excel format for later reporting and data manipulation.

Price includes installation and configuration of timeout settings (how long a user can be inactive before being automatically logged out) in order to achieve more accurate time estimates. Training session and documentation provided.


Who needs this: Organizations that want to collect data from their EasyCampus users for enrollment or marketing purposes

There are many uses for the versatile Form Maker Add-On. Educators and administrators often need to collect information about users before they enroll them in their campus courses. Within a course, online teachers may want to create samples of real-life applications (like a tax form) that can be used in a course as practice materials.

The Form Maker Add-On lets EasyCampus administrators create and label forms with defined fields. Entries are stored as a block for convenient processing and can be downloaded as a spreadsheet. Notifications of new form activity can be sent to a specified email address to avoid having to log in.

Price includes installation and configuration of one form (up to 2 hours of Professional Services time, to include configuration of one form and webinar training session as needed). Documentation provided.

Included with: Preferred and Premium subscription packages


Who needs this: Organizations that want to create custom surveys and collect feedback from users

Questionnaire Maker is a powerful survey tool that lets you use popular question types for marketing purposes or classroom activities. You can insert the finished survey into your course as a learning object. Responses can be viewed and analyzed on the screen either as a group average or by individual response. You can receive notification by email when an indvidual questionnaire has been submitted. Data can be exported to Excel or similar spreadsheet programs for additional manipulation/collation.

Question types include:
  • Checkbox
  • Date
  • Dropdown box
  • Essay box
  • Label
  • Numeric
  • Radio buttons
  • Rate (Scale)
  • Text box
  • Yes / No
Price includes installation and configuration of one custom Questionnaire (up to 2 hours of Professional Services time), with the ability to create an unlimited number of surveys for each EasyCampus. Documentation provided.

Included with: Premium subscription package


Who needs this: Administrators who want to view all the certificates on their EasyCampus

Certificates provide visual confirmation of course completion. They can be linked to quizzes and other assessments. The Certificate Viewer provides administrators with convenient on-screen access to all certificate data across the entire EasyCampus.

On installation, the Certificate Viewer is placed on your landing page and can be placed as an HTML block anywhere on your EasyCampus. Learners view only their own certificates. Administrators can also restrict user access altogether.

Price includes installation and configuration of the Certificate Viewer block. Documentation provided.


Who needs this: Course creators who need to provide visual access to learner results and resources

The Progress Bar block can be used to access activities and resources and track learner progress in a course. Your students will benefit from an intuitive activity-checkmark system within your courses. Due dates for activities are also displayed.

Price includes installation and configuration of one custom Learner Progress Bar (up to 2 hours of Professional Services time), with the ability to create an unlimited number of Learner Progress Bars. Documentation provided.


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