Our IT commitment to your learners

We understand the importance of a safe online environment for certification, training, and learning. Your Educadium LMS was designed to be fast, secure, and available—-no matter how busy it gets or how many users you have.

Educadium's engineers have created an advanced, state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, which uses Amazon Web Services. Our massive computing capacity can handle your growth, and our architecture is designed to scale into the thousands and even millions of users. The benefits: minimal latency, reliability and superb global reach. Educadium uptime in 2017-2019 was in excess of 99.99%, with an average response rate of less than 300 ms.

Educadium's hosted LMS features include:

  • Decentralized data storage (with Amazon AWS) - "Always on" offsite backup for greater security and peace of mind
  • Quick backups via Snapshots - Eliminates late night slowdowns from lengthy backups
  • Virtualized servers - Offers reduced maintenance periods, upgrade time, and outages. Administrators can clone campuses and recover content in minutes rather than days
  • Advanced content distribution - Leveraging Amazon's CloudFront service, Educadium can distribute the largest and most popular files out to the network edges for faster delivery
  • Bigger pipes - Your Educadium courses are sitting inside Amazon's distributed datacenters on the Internet backbone, offering lower latency and higher throughput than traditional datacenters with leased lines
  • Decentralized, worldwide DNS - Reduced page latency for international customers
  • Custom developed software architecture - Educadium's server design is truly cutting edge, based on the most recent research for large-scale LMS deployment incorporating open source and custom code
  • Optional secure https serving and customized URLs or sub-domains

Wherever you are in the world, your learners, employees, and partners can expect fast and reliable service from Educadium for your mission-critical course management and learning materials.

For questions or support, contact us.